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Harrogate District Community Safety Group and Community Safety Hub Update:

The Cabinet Member for Housing and Safer Communities and the Community Safety and CCTV Manager to submit a written report.


The Chair introduced the Cabinet Member for Housing & Safer Communities, Councillor Mike Chambers, who was the Chair of the Harrogate District Safety Group. A written report had been submitted which provided an update on community safety issues affecting the Harrogate district. Councillor Chambers referred to the closure orders at Mayfield Grove and Avenue Grove. These orders represented a significant amount of partnership work and this action was considered effective. It was confirmed that the council would issue similar orders in the future should there be a need, however it was also hoped that these examples would act as a deterrent and prevent other similar disruptive and criminal activity.


Some other developments and key areas of community safety work were highlighted:


·       Additional resources included a more senior NYP officer and an adult mental health social worker.

·       Received a grant from the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

·       StreetAid had received around £15k contributions and was having a real impact in bringing people off the street and keeping them off the street, helping ensure there was support to maintain lifestyle changes.

·       CCTV - had undergone a minor restructure, becoming more closely linked to the work of the Hub, business crime partnership had been reaccredited and new cameras at HBC sites (Ripon Leisure Centre, Spa Lane Accommodation).


Councillor Pat Marsh asked about timescales for referrals and for cases, it was confirmed that this was dependant on the details of each individual case. The parameters were discussed in the context of each new case at a multi-agency meeting where all information and potential outcomes/actions were reviewed with contributions from all agencies. Impact on the community was scored, frequency, mental health and substances were also factors. Cases were then periodically rescored and officers would be looking for the score to lower over time. It was noted that the cases that were referred to the Hub were often complex and that there were a broad variety of interventions available. Recently there had been a greater focus on data and this was being looked at county wide with a view to learning more about the effectiveness of different types of interventions.


In response to a question about StreetAid grants, the Community Safety and CCTV Manager explained that officers and partner agencies could make referrals and request StreetAid grants on behalf of individuals. There was a range of requests for a variety of purposes which was encouraged as it was understood that some requests may be for very practical items and some might be more creative or for items that could boost an individual’s sense of wellbeing, individuals were also involved in the process. Grants could only be issued for items where no other funding was available. Some examples were training courses and professional development, fishing equipment and home improvements.


Members considered the future work of the Hub and the CCTV section in the context of Local Government Reorganisation. It was confirmed that Harrogate Borough Council operated the CCTV service and associated infrastructure, which was valued by the police and local businesses and contributed to public safety and this important service would continue to be delivered despite organisational changes. It was anticipated that there would continue to be a focus on locality and community within the new organisation. The Commission considered that authorities and partners should work together to ensure that examples of best practice were rolled out across the county. Members also considered that beneficial partnership working had been undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included links with Public Health England and trading standards, and officers were looking to build on this.


The Chairman thanked Councillor Mike Chambers and the Community Safety and CCTV Manager on behalf of the Commission for their informative update.


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