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Budget Council, Council - Wednesday, 10th February, 2021 5.30 pm

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Apologies for Absence:


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor Bernard Bateman.


Urgent Business:

To receive notice of any urgent business the Chairman considers should be dealt with at the meeting as a matter of urgency by virtue of Section 100B(4)(b) of the Local Government Act 1972.


There was no urgent business.


Declarations of Interest:

Members to advise of any declarations of interest.


There were no declarations of interest.


Exempt Information:

To determine whether the exclude the press and public during the consideration of any exempt information items.


There was no exempt information.


Minutes: pdf icon PDF 286 KB

of the meeting of 9 December 2020.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 9 December 2020 were submitted. 


Moved by Councillor Richard Cooper            Seconded by Councillor Graham Swift




That the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 9 December 2020 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chair.




To receive such communications as the Chairman may desire to lay before the Council.


01.         Former Councillor Claire Kelley:  The Mayor referred to the recent death of Former Councillor Claire Kelley, who passed away from cancer on 18 January 2021.Former Councillor Kelley served on the Borough Council from 1992 until 2002 and also served on North Yorkshire County Council.  In 2010 she stood as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and until last year was Chair of Governors at St Aidan’s High School. A Minute’s silence was then observed in memory of the former councillor. 


02.         Thanks: On behalf of the Council the Mayor thanked all the staff and volunteers working at the COVID vaccine centres and Harrogate District Hospital during the current lockdown. The Mayor also thanked all the key workers throughout the District for their contribution.



Public Arrangements - Petitions:

To receive any petitions under Standing Order 26.


The Mayor advised that a petition had been received under Standing Order 26. The Mayor invited the petitioner to speak to his petition, which would be handed to the Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Sport.


1.    Petition from Matt Walker of Harrogate and Knaresborough Liberal Democrats


“Hands off Conyngham Hall Grounds

I the undersigned call on Harrogate Borough Council not to build the new leisure centre at Conyngham Hall, protecting our access to green space and nature.”


The Mayor then exercised his discretion and invited the Cabinet Member to respond to Mr Walker. The Cabinet Member reported that following consideration of each of the potential sites in Knaresborough a decision had been taken that the existing site was the preferred location for the new leisure centre.


(The Mayor left the meeting at this point due to technical issues.)






Public Arrangements - Questions:

To consider any questions under Standing Order 27.


The Deputy Mayor advised that she had received notification of one public question under Standing Order 27 and she invited the questioner, Rebecca Maunder, to ask her question.


  1. Question to the Cabinet Member for Planning from Rebecca Maunder


There are many local concerns regarding the very large numbers of houses proposed in the 'Western Arc' of Harrogate. Many concerns relate to a lack of plans and provision to show how these new conurbations will join with existing without a negative impact upon the current infrastructure in terms of roads and services. I am aware that a Parameters Plan is being developed to address some of these concerns and hope that this plan will look to provide exemplary bus services and pedestrian and cycling access and safe and easy routes to ensure there is no increase in local traffic, congestion and air pollution. I also hope that the provision of services is appropriately met and again that the long term quality of life is the key focus and uses levies from the developers to ensure the provision is full and future proofs the community’s needs to enable them to access local services and workspace without the need for car use. Sustainable design is crucial for healthy and affordable living reducing pollution and meeting our carbon reduction targets as well as appreciating that the expansion into the surrounding countryside is far from ideal and requires significant planning for wildlife and biodiversity. My question to you is, with such a large undertaking that has far reaching impacts upon the existing local community, and the whole of Harrogate, can this Parameters Plan be open to full public consultation as soon as possible; to fully understand concerns and use local knowledge and ideas to reach sustainable solutions?




Thank you for the question. The principle of development across the west of Harrogate has been established through the newly adopted Local Plan. Residents and Stakeholders participated in several formal consultations during the formation of the plan, as well as the examination process.


The issue of infrastructure to support the development on the west side of Harrogate was a discussion area during the Local Plan examination, which resulted in a modification to the Local Plan to include a requirement for a West Harrogate Parameters Plan to ensure effective co-ordination of matters such as access, provision of community facilities including education, school provision, green infrastructure, public transport provision, cycling and pedestrian links between sites.


A finalised parameters plan will not be a policy document but will serve as guidance to support the assessment of planning applications.


That guidance is being informed by an assessment of the infrastructure requirements, as well as detailed work on the highways implications of the number of homes proposed. 


The completed Parameters plan will set out the total infrastructure required to support the development of the sites, including phasing plans setting out build rates and triggers for infrastructure to show how each phase of development is sustainable and deliverable.


As the document is a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 73.


2021/22 Draft Budget and 2022/23 Indicative Budget: pdf icon PDF 358 KB

To consider the following minutes of Cabinet and the Overview and Scrutiny Commission in order to form the revenue budget for 2021/22 and indicative budget for 2022/23.



At the invitation of the Mayor the Chief Executive outlined the procedure under which the Draft Revenue Budget for 2021/22 and the Indicative Budget for 2022/23 would be considered by the Council.  In order to commence debate on the matter the Cabinet Member for Resources, Enterprise and Economic Development would be called upon to move Cabinet Minutes 104/20, 105/20, 117/20 and 119/20, which would then collectively become the Cabinet’s proposed Budget for the forthcoming year. 


For the information of Members, the Minutes of the Overview and Scrutiny Commission held on 18 January 2021 to consider the draft budget had also been circulated with the agenda, but would not require formal receipt by the Council, in accordance with the established procedures.


Following the Cabinet Member’s address on the budget, Leaders of the opposition groups would then be invited, should they so wish, to address the Council in respect of the budget for the forthcoming year and, in accordance with Standing Order 13(5), the Leaders of the political groups would, if required, be permitted to exceed the normal time limit for their speech. All other Members of the Council would then have the opportunity to speak on the proposed budget.


In accordance with the Regulations issued in 2014 and the consequent amendment to the Council’s Standing Orders, it would be necessary for a recorded vote to be taken at the meeting on the adoption of the budget for 2021/22 and also any amendments proposed to it.


In the event of a budget being unable to be agreed it would be necessary for the Leader to consider the views of Council, and for a further meeting of the Council to take place on 22 February 2021 to reconsider the budget.




Moved by Councillor Graham Swift          Seconded by Councillor Richard Cooper




Cabinet Minutes 104/20 and 105/20 of 6 January 2021; and 117/20 and 119/20 of 3 February 2021 be approved and adopted.


In moving the motion the Cabinet Member for Resources, Enterprise and Economic Development referred to the significant impact that COVID-19 had had on the budget setting process. The loss of business and commercial activities which raised income for the Council was expected to lead to a shortfall of £5.9 million, a proportion of which had been compensated by the Government. The Budget Transition Fund would be used to make up the balance of the shortfall. In line with the established protocol, the Group Leaders were then offered the opportunity to speak to the budget.


The motion was then debated by the Council.


As an amendment it was


Moved by Councillor Chris Aldred                           Seconded by Councillor Pat Marsh


That Cabinet Minute 117/20 be amended to


Insert additional Recommendation (4)


In recognition of the outstanding work of our frontline service staff currently on our lowest, Grade A, paygrade, council raise the budgeted target wage of Grade A staff from the budgeted level of £9.48 to £9.50 from April 2021. This additional funding is affordable  ...  view the full minutes text for item 74.


Cabinet - 6 January 2021:

(a) Minute 104/20 - 2021/22 Draft Budget and 2022/23 Indicative Budget; and

(b) Minute 105/20 - Draft Housing Revenue Account Budget 2021/22


Cabinet - 3 February 2021:

(a) Minute 117/20 - 2021/22 Draft Budget and 2022/23 Indicative Budget

(b) Minute 119/20 - Capital and Investment Programme 2021/22 to 2022/23 and 2020/21 Monitoring


Overview and Scrutiny Commission - 18 January 2021:

(a) Minute 60/20 - 2021/22 Draft Budget and 2022/23 Indicative Budget

(b) Minute 61/20 - Cabinet Member Portfolio Indicative Service Budgets

(c) Minute 63/20 - Overall  Consideration of the 2021/22 Draft Budget and 2022/23 Indicative Budget


Exception to Call-in Procedure: pdf icon PDF 144 KB

The Leader of the Council to submit a written report.


In accordance with Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule 16(b) the Leader notified the Council of two exceptions to the five day call-in procedure. The decisions related to the adoption of grant schemes to support local businesses severely impacted by COVID-19 during times of national lockdowns or Level 3 local restrictions. The Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Commission had agreed an exemption from the call-in procedure in accordance with Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule 16(b) to facilitate payment of grants as quickly as possible.


Moved by Councillor Richard Cooper               Seconded by Councillor Graham Swift




That Council note the action agreed in allowing an exemption from the five day call in procedure for the adoption of business support grant schemes for businesses impacted by COVID-19.


Appointment of New Member of Cabinet:

In accordance with Article 7.01 to formally note the appointment of Councillor Tim Myatt as Cabinet Member for Planning.


In accordance with Article 7.1 the Mayor reported that Councillor Tim Myatt had been appointed as Cabinet Member for Planning, following the resignation of Councillor Rebecca Burnet as portfolio holder.


Common Seal:

To authorise the affixing of the Common Seal to the necessary documents for the purposes of carrying out the resolutions contained in the Minutes.


Moved by Councillor Richard Cooper          Seconded by Councillor Graham Swift




That          (1)  the Common Seal of the Council be affixed to the Deeds and Documents necessary to carry out the resolutions confirmed and passed this day; and


                  (2)  no deed shall be treated as being conditional upon Council proceeding until completion of a transaction relevant to any Deeds.