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Cabinet - Wednesday, 8th December, 2021 5.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Centre, St Luke's Avenue, Harrogate HG1 2AE. This meeting will be livestreamed here: (Copy and paste the link in your browser).. View directions

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Apologies for Absence:


66/21 – APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE AND NOTIFICATION OF SUBSTITUTES: An apology for absence had been received from Councillor Richard Cooper.


(5.30 pm)



Declarations of Interest:

Members to advise of any declarations of interest.


67/21 – DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: There were no declarations of interest.


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Minutes: pdf icon PDF 258 KB

of the meeting of 10 November 2021


68/21 – MINUTES: The Minutes of the meeting of the Cabinet held on 10 November 2021 were approved as a correct record.


(Five Members voted for the motion and there was one abstention)


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Exempt Information:

To determine whether to exclude the press and public during the consideration of any exempt information items – item 8 (part).


69/21 – EXEMPT INFORMATION: The Appendix to the report at Minute 73/21 and was deemed to be exempt under paragraph 3 of Schedule 12a to the Local Government Act 1972. Discussion on the item took place in open session.


(5.32 pm)


HCC Redevelopment - Update: pdf icon PDF 174 KB

The Executive Officer Strategic Property and Major Projects to submit a written report.


70/21 – HARROGATE CONVENTION CENTRE PROJECT UPDATE: The Executive Officer Strategic Property and Major Projects submitted a written report which provided an update on detailed work in relation to the Business Case for investment in Harrogate Convention Centre.  On 5 August 2020 Council had considered a report on the redevelopment of HCC and passed nine resolutions noting the business case and agreeing an approach to the redevelopment, which would be undertaken in up to three Phases.  Resolution (4) set out a number of actions to be taken including that a Full Economic Assessment and Full Business Case would be undertaken for Phases 1 and 2.  Phase 1 focussed on improving existing conferencing facilities and included the subdivision of Studio 2 into demountable breakout spaces.  Phase 2 sought to improve the exhibition element and would involve the demolition of halls A, B and C to make way for a new 5,000 square metre events space.


Since August 2020 work on the project had progressed and the scheme had evolved and was no longer aligned with the original outline business case for reasons as set out in paragraphs 5.4 to 5.11 of the report.  Council would therefore be asked to amend Resolution (4) to provide for a Strategic Options Appraisal rather than Full Business Case for Phase 2 and subsequent phases of the redevelopment.  No change was requested to the previously agreed approach for Phase 1. 


The Director, HCC advised that the redevelopment of Studio 2 was a crucial part of the HCC Redevelopment as it would provide the necessary breakout rooms to support a plenary session of approximately 1,980 delegates in the main auditorium.  Currently the venue could only provide breakout space for 570 delegates.  Bookings from April 2023 had been taken with the new Studio 2 offer, however the pandemic had delayed the redevelopment programme.  Officers were exploring the possibility of accelerating the Studio 2 package to enable the protection of current contracted business and attraction of new sales and a report would be brought to a future meeting of Cabinet on this. 




That   (1) the resolution of Council of 5 August 2020 numbered (4) in Council minute 30/20 and referred to at paragraph 5.1 of this report be revoked and replaced with a requirement that the following actions be undertaken:


a)   the design development and detailed feasibility of Phase 1 to RIBA Stage 4, including an options appraisal into the district heating system;

b)   a full Economic Impact Assessment for Phase 1 of the redevelopment;

c)    the Full Business Case for Phase 1 of the redevelopment; and

d)   a Strategic Options Appraisal for subsequent phases of the redevelopment.


(2) a report be brought back to Cabinet for a decision as to whether work to Studio 2 should be accelerated as part of the Phase 1 refurbishment project.


 (5.32 pm to 5.40 pm)


THE LOCAL LOTTO for the Harrogate District Annual Report 2020-2021: pdf icon PDF 204 KB

The Partnership and Engagement Manager to submit a written report.

Additional documents:


71/21 – THE LOCAL LOTTO FOR THE HARROGATE DISTRICT ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021: The Partnership and Engagement Manager submitted a written report which presented THE LOCAL LOTTO Annual Report, attached as Appendix 1, and provided performance outcomes from the third operating year September 2020 – September 2021. 


THE LOCAL LOTTO had been launched in July 2018 for local voluntary and community groups to sign up and use the lottery platform and also provided a way for players to support local organisations.  The lottery was promoted jointly by the Council and THE LOCAL FUND with the back office run independently by Gatherwell, an external lottery manager. 


Section 5.2 detailed the key performance outcomes of the previous 12 months, with further detail provided at Appendix 1.  In the year to 9 September 2021 108 groups had signed up to raise funds through the LOTTO, £56,668 had been generated by local groups through ticket sales and £18,957 had been raised for THE LOCAL FUND.  Over the three years it had been in operation THE LOCAL LOTTO had generated just over £161k for local groups, of which £56,050 had been generated for THE LOCAL FUND.




That the performance outcomes in 5.2 and the appendix are noted and that the Council continue to support the development of THE LOCAL LOTTO across the Harrogate District. This will ensure it continues to be a sustainable source of unrestricted income for voluntary and community sector groups and organisations especially in these unprecedented times.


Reasons for decision:


When THE LOCAL LOTTO was established and launched in 2018 there was no indication as to how successful it would be. The outcomes over the last three years has evidenced that it continues to be received well by the voluntary and community sector across the district and by its supporters. The income from ticket sales is unrestricted and it is at the group’s discretion as to how it is best spent. It brings with it minimal administrative burden which is ideal for the smaller groups who are mainly volunteer led.


Following the initial setting up period and the establishment of a core of good causes using the lottery to generate funds the focus has been on sustaining the ticket sales and identifying other good causes to sign up and benefit from the fundraising platform. The sound base and range of organisations already signed up helps to attract others.


It was agreed that an annual report would be brought back to Cabinet to provide an indication as to the value of the funds that are being generated after a further year of operating.


Alternative options considered and recommended for rejection:


Not to support the further development of THE LOCAL LOTTO would have a negative impact on both the existing good causes that are signed up and using THE LOCAL LOTTO and other groups who may choose to use it in the future. The wider community would be at a disadvantage as there would be no additional funds raised through THE LOCAL LOTTO  ...  view the full minutes text for item 71.


THE LOCAL FUND for the Harrogate District Annual Report 2020-2021: pdf icon PDF 226 KB

The Partnership and Engagement Manager to submit a written report.

Additional documents:


72/21 – THE LOCAL FUND FOR THE HARROGATE DISTRICT ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021: The Partnership and Engagement Manager (PEM) submitted a written report which presented the annual outcomes from THE LOCAL FUND (TLF) for 2020-2021.  The Council was a lead partner in THE LOCAL FUND, along with Harrogate and District Community Action and Two Ridings Community Foundation.  The Fund had been established in January 2018.


THE LOCAL FUND comprised donations from organisations and individuals, THE LOCAL LOTTO and dormant trust funds.  The ambition of the fund was to embed a culture of philanthropic giving and by streamlining processes, enable funds to be allocated more efficiently and to where the greatest need was.  For the past three years the Council’s small grant fund of £30k had been administered as part of THE LOCAL FUND.  In December 2020 it was agreed that a one off lump sum donation of £200k would be made by the Council to the Fund as the 2021/22 allocation and the annual £30k would cease.


Appendix 1 provided an annual summary and showed that for 2020-21 £84,861 in grants had been awarded across 29 projects and the endowment fund had increased by 87% since the fund began in 2018 to £717,107.  A social impact dashboard detailing grant beneficiaries was included at Appendix 2.  The PEM confirmed that THE LOCAL FUND was tied geographically to the area from which funds were donated.




That the performance outcomes in 5.2 and the appendices are noted and that the Council continue to support the on-going development of THE LOCAL FUND across the Harrogate District to ensure its sustainability in the future.


Reasons for decision:


THE LOCAL FUND continued to develop and the work to attract larger donations continued. In order to ensure there were local funds for voluntary and community groups across the district THE LOCAL FUND project group would continue to look for opportunities and promote a culture of local giving.


Alternative options considered and recommended for rejection:


To not support THE LOCAL FUND could impact on its future sustainability, reduce its cost effectiveness and impact on outcomes achieved across the Harrogate district community.


(5.48 pm to 5.59 pm)




Housing and Property Self Drive Van Hire - Forward Plan Ref: 45HP21: pdf icon PDF 169 KB

The Repairs Manager to submit a written report.

Additional documents:


73/21 – HOUSING AND PROPERTY SELF DRIVE VAN HIRE - FORWARD PLANREF: 45HP21: The Repairs Manager (Property Services) submitted a written report in which approval was sought to appoint Northgate Vehicle Hire to provide self-drive hire vehicles for the use of the In-House Maintenance Team, In-House Development Team and Mobile Cleaning Team.  The preferred supplier had been selected through Pretium Flexible Fleet Services Framework, which offered the Council the best value for money and added value benefits as listed at paragraph 5.5 of the report.  Attached at exempt Appendix A were costs of the contract, which would be split across the Housing Revenue Account and General Fund budgets and would total £927k over the four year contract term.


In presenting the report the Repairs Manager advised that the vehicles leased would have diesel engines; electric vehicles had been considered but had not been considered feasible due to high costs and limited availability.  The contract contained a two year review point at which time it would be possible to change to electric vehicles and not be penalised.




That Cabinet approves the appointment of Northgate via a direct award through the Pretium Framework for a maximum term of 4 years. The value of the contract over the 4 year term is estimated at £927k.


Reasons for decision:


Leasing for a 4 year term was financially preferable to vehicle purchase, (see Appendix A, tabPurchaseLeaseComparison’)


Northgate Vehicle Hire was the sole supplier in the Pretium Framework and was found to offer the most competitive pricing available across all frameworks, when researched by the service and the Procurement team.


The current contractual arrangements were coming to an end and appointment of this provider was required in order for the Council to have a contracted supplier for this part of the Council’s fleet of vehicles, and to ensure the continued effective and efficient delivery of these services.


The use of this framework can offer a one stop shop for vehicle leasing, providing the following additional benefits to a standard long-term leasing arrangement:

·      Bespoke solutions for Livery, internal stock racking system for the vehicles to ensure stock was accountable and easy to use, and roof carrying solutions.

·      Full Telematics Vehicle tracking system to give real time location and management information.

·      Accident and incident management service including break down and recovery of vehicles.


Alternative options considered and recommended for rejection:


Not to approve appointment of Northgate. This was not recommended because it would leave the Council without the necessary vehicles and associated equipment and services, to fulfil the operational requirements of the IHMT, IHDT and Mobile Cleaning teams.


To purchase vehicles rather than lease. This was not recommended because leasing was more cost effective over a 4 year term, providing both the base vehicles and also a simplified procurement route to additional equipment and services pertinent to the operation of these teams.


(5.59 pm to 6.07 pm)